Wednesday, January 05, 2005

But that's not the point, my friends

Instapundit points to a story of congressional malfeasance; Christmas turkeys donated to the needy by a Detroit food bank via Rep. John Conyers' office somehow managed to get themselves lost along the way. So lost, in fact, that some ended up in the freezers of staffers' cronies, it seems, in the best Tammany Hall tradition. Notwithstanding the likelihood of party affiliations based on the Congressman's district (part of Detroit), and having no prior familiarity with Conyers (although it appears I certainly should), I instantly knew he was a Democrat by the second paragraph of the story. Why? If he'd been Republican, it would have been in the headline. Funny how no party membership is named (or even implied) in the text itself, hmm?


Blogger mondocognito said...

Paul, you have pointed out an important criteria one must use when reading our local newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune (or as we often call it "The Star and Sickle", "The Red Star", or simply "The Enemy Newspaper"; home of the infamous Nick Coleman). No party affiliation listed in headline about corruption or malfeasance = Democrat. Thank you.

1/06/2005 09:14:00 AM  

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