Monday, January 03, 2005

Bond me and bail me, drug me or jail me, stamp me and mail me

I don't quite understand how Mark Steyn has failed to mention Canada in mocking extended Eurocratic Christmas holidays. Perhaps he needs to spend more time in Ottawa. (I know, I know; that's a terrible thing to wish upon anyone.) Today was yet another holiday for, it seemed, the great mass of federal employees. It was only a minor inconvenience, in that I wanted to check the clearance outlet bookstore in L'Esplanade Laurier for something (and was unable to, as the whole building was locked up tight). Still, who decided that when a holiday falls on a weekend, the next weekday is taken off, anyway? Last week, it was rather more affecting of my daily business: I had to mail a package. I'd won some rather expensive sunglasses in a contest at work, and being nearly blind without my prescription lenses, unfortunately had no use for them; I sold them on eBay for a handsome amount. The auction ended on Saturday. Come Monday, I went out to the nearest post office - and found it closed; no matter, I thought, that was to be expected. But, then, all the nearby post offices were closed Tuesday as well. I didn't check the one at Sparks and Elgin, but the one on my walk home from work was also closed Wednesday. Finally, on Thursday, I was able to mail the sunglasses out, with a note of apology to the buyer for our rabidly inefficient and lazy public service. Today, too, that post office was closed; I won't be surprised if it is tomorrow as well. What makes this most irritating is that no information on actual dates and times of opening were posted at all, only a sign noting that Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve had hours of 8-4. (It's a good thing actual business largely relies on private shipping.) If Canada Post is only going to work three-day weeks between the third week of December and the second of January, it would at least be polite to advertise that fact in writing, no?


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