Friday, January 28, 2005

Before it gets too frightening, we ought to call a vote

Speaking of Canadian media, I caught a rather informative interview on CBC Newsworld during my workout today. Not for the actual content of the answers, but the questions. The anchor, Jacquie Perrin, was speaking to an Iraqi expat registering to vote today in Toronto. He was overjoyed at the opportunity of free elections for his homeland, which seemed to leave Perrin cold. She tried again and again, giving every opening in the acceptable code words ("occupation government," "rush to war," and the like) to get him to attack American motives for the war, or to cast doubts upon the legitimacy of the vote; he wouldn't. He refused to play her game, and repeatedly brought up current UN and EU involvement - to Perrin's chagrin, I'm sure. Though I've shamefully forgotten his name, I salute that man. It's amazing where anti-American spite can take an otherwise probably-rational person. This is the first truly free election ever in Iraq, and instead of acknowledging the hopefulness and happiness this has brought to Iraqi-Canadians (to say nothing of no-hyphenation-needed Iraqis), one of the official faces of our official network tried her best to vicariously piss all over that accomplishment. It happened in the "wrong" way, you see; Canada doesn't get to take all the credit, nor our diplomats' proxies in the UN, so FUD must be invoked upon the whole process - regardless of what message that might send to a nascent democracy. We have met the enemy, and he is us.


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Unfortunately, no matter how well things go, the media will always manage to find a negative angle.

This post describes how The International Herald Tribune complains that women are going to "be the big losers" in the Iraqi election:

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