Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Understand we'll go hand in hand, but we'll walk alone in fear

Exams are finally over. I'm not hopeful about the one I wrote tonight, exactly; but, at worst it'll net me a B for the course, and that'll only be the second non-A grade I've received yet. The sanctity of the holy CGPA is secure, more or less. More problematic is that my roommate surprised me tonight by announcing plans to move out on the 26th. I figured this was coming - we've been edging up against the razor-thin line of tolerance for each others' most annoying behaviour for some months now - but the short notice set my neck twitching. Fortunately, I have enough freelance graphic design and data entry work (thank heavens for cheapskate, non-professional-hiring family businesses, and cheerfully cronyist Parliamentary apparatchiks) coming my way in the new year I should be financially okay, if maybe back to eating largely rice and beans for a bit. I might even be able to quit my current dreaded retail job by the end of January, if things go well. So...yeah. Things, they are a-changin'. It'll mean more blogging, if anything, of the variety I spent most of the summer chugging away at. I'm slightly worried, but slightly hopeful. Crisitunity awaits.


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