Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A man for whom "Duplicity" could be a middle name

To the comment troll singularly possessed of the notion that all conservatives are racist, creationist, white supremacists, and ardently trying to convince me of this anonymously: You know I can see your IP address in my logs, right? Pretending to be different people - who I can plainly see mysteriously share the address of - doesn't actually lend you the credibility of numbers. You really are rather dim, aren't you? That your newly non-anonymous commenting is coming from the same ISP, from an IP address in the same range, from a user running the same Firefox 1.0 and Win2K at 1024x768 is kind of a giveaway that it's still you. Sorry; I'm not fooled by your ingenious trick of reconnecting to Sympatico. I'll say it again, in language that you might be able to more clearly understand: Bugger off. If you want to call me a Nazi and carry on conversations with your multiple personalities, do it on your own blog.