Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Just crank up the volume, and yank off the knob

And so, it has come to pass that I have slipped the surly bonds of analog cable and touched the face of broadband television. It's turned out to cost $5 less per month for the channel packages I want with ExpressVu for Condos than Rogers' service did. They're exactly the same channels as previously, actually, with a few minor additions. However, I do have the entire News package (and there's only one), which will no doubt carry Fox News once it begins broadcasting in Canada, and getting the West Coast feed of all the networks, Canadian and American, is very handy. I have one complaint, though; the user interface of the set-top terminal is awful and non-intuitive. Still, the picture and sound quality it gives is great, and there's no rental fee. Huzzah for the free market, and finding innovative broadband solutions.


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