Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I hope you're happy; I hope you're happy now

I can't stand The Apprentice, and find its frequent intrusions into the rest of NBC's schedule (to say nothing of the self-referential and unfunny SNL bits based thereupon that seem to keep popping up this season) most annoying. This, therefore, would seem to be a good sign. Knowing the current market, though, whatever might replace it is likely to be a similarly unwatchable reality show. Why must you forsake me, networks? Have you forgotten the art of the mediocre sitcom? There used to be half a dozen middling-to-mildly-amusing sitcoms on each network, ones like Dharma & Greg and Wings, Just Shoot Me and Grace Under Fire; shows that were more rewritten vaudeville than anything else. They weren't brilliant and they weren't often long-lived, but they had heart, in a way. There's something comforting in sitting down to an episode of something with stock characters and plots shuffled ever-so-slightly in a new setting. Now, alas, that position in the schedule hierarchy has been usurped; the only watchable sitcoms left are brave little brilliant-but-doomed shows like Scrubs or Arrested Development, and soulless guest-star-of-the-week machines like Will & Grace. I miss the mediocre sitcoms. Until they become the cheapest thing to fill dead air with, however, I somehow doubt they'll be back any time soon. See what you've done, reality television? You've driven a loyal consumer away, and with specialty digital cable channels and TV-on-DVD readily available, I can stay away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen the previews for "Who's My Daddy"? I thought it couldn't get any worse, but apparently it has. A girl who was adopted at a young age and never knew her real father has to select him from a group of pretenders. What if she guesses wrong? How screwed up is that?

12/23/2004 04:17:00 PM  

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