Sunday, December 19, 2004

Everyone needs new ways to dream

With the election taking up approximately 237% of the daily news cycle on average between February and November, and the ideological stakes being what they were, I suppose it would be difficult for Time's Person of the Year to be anyone but the winner. The cover is a surprisingly flattering oil (acrylic?) portrait of the president. Does this mark the start of the mainstream media's reconciliation with a man they're coming to realize might actually turn out to be good for the country and the world at large? Does "American Revolutionary" have the same positive connotations to Time's editors as it does to me, of a truly historic vision and sense of duty to the founding principles of the nation? I think George W. Bush will be remembered far more kindly by history than anyone now assumes. He might not be Roosevelt (TR or FDR), but neither will he become a Nixon or Harding, doomed to languish forever hated and resented by the public and academia alike. Or maybe I'm reading into this too much, and the art director just gave instructions to the effect of "Don't consciously try to make him subtly look like a monkey." Either way.


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