Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Worthy of a mighty nation, of thee I sing

Megan McArdle at Instapundit: A DEMOCRATIC FRIEND OF MINE JUST GOT A PHONE CALL from a Republican she doesn't speak to that often, allegedly to "say hi" but transparently to gloat. This is my plea to Bush voters to give peace a chance. If we have any chance of ending the sniping and bitterness that characterise the current political scene, it's going to start with Republicans being gracious winners. If you have to indulge your schadenfreude, do it silently by lurking on Democratic websites and reading hair-tearing left-wing editorials, not by alienating people with whom we'd like to eventually build a better America. Fair enough. It's been one day, and I've admittedly quite enjoyed the schadenfreude of the moment, but in good conscience I will stop now. I look forward to, well, looking forward again; hopefully everyone still remembers the cards that were on the table before the madness of the election. I would love to see - and I fully expect we will - Democrats acting entirely for the good of the country and their constituents in the manner of a loyal opposition. Bush hasn't vetoed anything yet, no matter how kludgey big-government, so it'll be up to them to be the voices of budgetary restraint. Acting responsibly in that role, I think, might salve a lot of the party's self-inflicted electoral wounds. The country isn't quite as liberal on the whole as the coasts would like, but moving in that direction can be well smoothed over with competence and compromise. Credibility is imperative. Even with majorities in both houses of Congress, politics are still codepedent, and reasonable debate between two reasonable sides is the only way to maintain that credibility. Let's not forget that.


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