Thursday, November 04, 2004

The world is full of fantasy, and who are you or I to disagree?

Well, that didn't take long: A learned conspirozoid explains why Kerry actually won. At least this time, the vast majority of America - even those parts still not quite understanding the Electoral College - will likely find it far easier to dismiss raving loons arguing that an indeterminate number of spoiled ballots "really" were marked for Kerry. This theory has the twin liabilities of being a) unproven, and b) too complicated to turn into a catchy slogan à la "Jeb Bush stole Florida." It also, necessarily, requires living in a parallel universe for a time: What now? Kerry won, so hold your victory party. But make sure the shades are down: it may be become illegal to demand a full vote count under PATRIOT Act III. Sigh. Look, guys: Come back in 2008 with an appealing candidate, okay? Spending another four years in the political wilderness, utterly convinced of your own purity, patriotism and honesty while accusing rampant conspiracy in everyone else is not going to convince those three million voters from the centre you need to come back into the Democratic fold; if anything, they're likely to become even more repelled. Grow up already. (Via BoingBoing.)


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