Thursday, November 04, 2004

When the ones who matter have their say

Even the impotent nebbish that is Paul Martin knows which way the wind is blowing: OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Paul Martin is condemning anti-U.S. comments by outspoken Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish. Parrish told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that U.S. President George W. Bush is "war-like," and his re-election shows Americans are "out of step" with the rest of the world. On Thursday, Martin dismissed her comments as "clearly unacceptable." "She speaks neither for the government, nor does she speak for the caucus," he said after a cabinet meeting. I wonder why no one told Parrish to shut up earlier. No, wait; I don't, actually. The question is, does this actually mean anything? Can we expect actual cooperation again, or is this just CYA behaviour from a weak minority government? I'd hate to think the Liberals learned nothing from the failed yearlong experiment in demonization that was the Kerry campaign. They're typically sharp enough to pick up on things like that.


Blogger Kevin said...

Carolyn Parrish is such a pompous old windbag, it's amazing that anyone takes her seriously anymore. That's assuming anyone ever did.

11/05/2004 02:12:00 AM  

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