Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What if you never got to be President?

What was that about a Kerry landslide, Sully? Hmmmm? I don't usually take the time to engage in gloating over sheer wrongness in the pundit class, because everyone is bound to be embarassingly wrong at some point. But he really should have known better; wishful thinking just doesn't cut it. It was going to be very close either way, and that's what it now appears to be. Unless there's some bizarre reversal in Ohio, Bush wins. I can't believe the remaining, valid provisional votes can help Kerry enough to counteract the current Republican lead as they stand alone, let alone factoring in the likely overwhelmingly-Bush-leaning military absentee vote. What I am finding irritating - and I've been up all night except for dozing off from 11 to 12 or so - is that CNN has been going to very great pains to avoid calling New Mexico for the president, despite a ludicrously thorough sample of electoral precincts. I suspect it's because it was made known Karl Rove et al were waiting on the media call of NM to head over to the International Trade Center and have Bush make a presumptive victory speech. Is the MSM still interfering in politics with passive-aggressive sideswipes? I think so.


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