Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We have never reckoned on coming second

Mary Cheney is with the Vice-President, along with the rest of his family, on stage. This is the victory speech, mind you. Now can we cut out the sneering "embarassed of their gay daughter" trope? How about that? Cheney's speech is fine, as victory speeches go. No nonsense, no triumphalism, just dignified relief. Bush looks semi-stunned, but then, he's had about two hours of sleep in the past day and a half. That's expected. On the other hand, he's regained the coherency that's been ebbing all campaign. "America has spoken, and I am humbled by the trust - and confidence - of my fellow citizens." Right on. Now come the thanks. This is somewhat striking, compared to Kerry's speech; he made passing reference to Teresa, but Bush is thanking his entire family, from parents to siblings to daughters, plus Dick Cheney's entire family. Republicans seem to know where their real strength lies, perhaps - not in unions and activist groups, but families. Of course, he also gives a shout-out to "the architect, Karl Rove." Hah. On the other hand, I can really appreciate reminding Dems of just who they've been beaten by. He's also making a quite humble outreach to Democrats for national unity. I doubt it'll work, but I hope it does. I would love for 2008 to be an entirely different race - but let's stop talking about 2008 just yet. He concludes thusly: "I see a great day coming for our country, and I am eager for the work ahead." Spiffy. The one thing that George W. Bush has always had to his credit is rock-solid leadership, and I'm grateful we still have his service.


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