Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Now I don't like to spoil a wonderful story

Bush is making his first official visit to Canada on November 30. This pleases me. That's a Tuesday; I can probably make it to any public appearance or event without having to skip work or class, which I'd love to do. I've been waiting three years for that. (As a bonus, the Greater Ottawa Barking Moonbat Tribe is likely to be out in full regalia around Sussex Drive and/or Parliament Hill; I can go and get some pictures for later ridicule from a safe distance. Huzzah for a twofer!) UPDATE: Already one of their brethren writing in the Toronto Star is salivating at the rather unlikely prospect of charging him with war crimes (!). Live in the real world, you say? Hah! That's for the rubes and sheeple without imagination.


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