Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A malformation in the guise of many

Hah. Michael Moore and his staff are so upset, they've shut down the front page of his website. (Internal pages are still accessible.) To the general public, there's thus no embarassing "Kerry landslide, WOOOO" comments, no worrisome threats to riot, no adoring fans wondering aloud What the hell happened? Didn't we support enough demonization of all things Republican to win? All there is now is an old photomosaic of Bush made out of Iraq casualties' portraits - as if all casualties are caused directly by an eeeevil warmonger president, an argument that barely needs to be dignified with response. To which I, probably needlessly in that case, will respond: Whatever, jackass. The country had a choice between "America, Fuck Yeah" and "America: Fuck You," and it chose the former. You are the living, breathing, faintly repulsive embodiment of the latter. No bloody shirts will change that, no matter how hard you wave them. The electorate chose the candidate of strength, not weakness; leadership, not capitulation. Go ahead and make your little movies, and play your little propaganda games. In the end, they couldn't stop (and may have even been a contributing factor for) a net loss of support for the Democrats at every level. Go figure, huh? UPDATE: On the other hand, Moore and his ilk probably aren't that upset, as Kevin Steel points out; this guarantees four more years of Bush-bashing books, films, and TV, along with the same built-in market to consume them. After all, how profitable a target for derision would a Kerry administration be?


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