Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Look away, look away

A clueless ABC News talking head thinks red states are just itching to bring back slavery: Secondly, when you tell me "Let the states decide," that scares me, okay? I've got a little map here of pre-Civil War free versus slave states [...] It looks like the map of 2004. And when you say "Let the states decide," I remember what the states decided when they had slavery. And the kinds of things that concern me is [sic] despite what the president said about going after tax reform and entitlement programs...I think he's going to go after social programs, despite what he said. I think we're going to get a rollback on all kinds of things. Oh, I see! It's a metaphor! Disliking and attempting to partially dismantle the modern welfare state makes you the political heir of slaveholders! Espousing a creed of self-reliance is akin to considering other human beings as racially inferior non-persons and legal property! It's all so obvious now... On a side note, isn't it amusing that the Democrats never seemed to have a problem with the supposed benighted ignorance of the South when it was voting as a solid bloc for them? In the same way that there only ever seems to be a national homeless problem when Republicans are in the White House, the media only discovers the (remarkably condescending) notion that Southerners are really, really stupid in years when they don't vote for Democrats. Funny, huh? (Via Instapundit.)


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