Wednesday, November 24, 2004

If it turns out it's over too fast, I'll make every last moment last

NBC is airing their latest adaptation of A Christmas Carol (one that looks promising, actually - I do enjoy hearing Kelsey Grammer sing) this Sunday. It's a Wonderful Life airs Saturday. Did I miss something? Isn't it still November? As occasionally mentioned, I'm a huge consumer whore. I love commercialism in holidays; if nothing else, the economy demands it. I'm fully aware that the modern forms of celebration of the major holidays are very recent inventions. There never was a Victorian Christmas like Martha Stewart might put on, but the fiction is fun to maintain nonetheless. (Me, my perfect fantasy Christmas would be in NYC, about 1948 or so: an age of everyday elegance, yet with the apparatus of the modern commercial economy.) Yet even as an enthusiastic participant in the willing suspension of disbelief that is the month-long holiday season, I find it mildly annoying to be starting the Christmas movies up already. Does that make me curmudgeonly? Is it wrong to start being curmudgeonly in your early 20s?


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