Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Don't Cry for Me, Massachusetts

Kerry's concession speech from Fanueil Hall started remarkably late. Some kind of last-minute wonkery to game the latest numbers from Ohio, perhaps? Edwards seems more enthusiastic than Kerry running up to the podium; I don't know why. It's not as though he has much of a chance in 2008 now. Has any VP candidate come back to take the prime nomination in the next election cycle? "We will continue to fight for every vote." Um, they're pretty much set in stone, now? I'd also like to know how Pretty Boy Edwards can continue "fighting" in the larger representative sense, as he implies, without an elected office to do it from. Kerry at least still has his Senate seat, and can probably keep getting elected to that until he finally becomes the Senior Senator from Massachusetts. Edwards is almost delivering a standard stump speech, though with a bit more bitterness than usual. (Obviously. John, you're a bore; we've heard this before! For God's sake, John, sit down!) "The man who never surrendered...Senator John Kerry." Didn't he do just that, four hours ago? Who's part of the "reality-based community" now, eh? The sweetest fruit of all, however: CNN's title bar. "Sen. John Kerry, (D) Fmr. Presidential Candidate." The crowd is no longer laughing at Kerry's lame jokes. Heh. On the other hand, they're applauding his appeal to "begin the healing," which is a good sign. So is urging the Democratic base to, y'know, get behind winning the war. He still could have pulled a Gore at this point, and made dark mutterings about the election being stolen while at the same time technically conceding; the angry left would have deciphered his code words. Kerry is actually smiling right now. It's a very genuine-looking smile, in brief flashes, during his wistful thanks to the crowd. I bet that smile might have won another couple thousand votes from the distrustful middle - it makes him seem a lot more human than the wide, toothy Career Pol grin. I almost feel sorry for him now. Fair enough. That was mostly humble and gracious, punctuated by minor diversions into unconscious campaigning. Thank you, Senator. You're a better man than I'd expected.


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