Tuesday, November 23, 2004

And, dear friends, if I'm elected: I'm all right, Jack, screw you all

NRO on the increasingly-stolen-looking Ukrainian election: You know what is coming next, right? Anybody want to guess which hyperbolic lefty columnist compares the situation in the Ukraine to Bush's reelection victory? Who will be the first to say that "the Ukrainian people are fighting to have all the votes counted, why aren't we?" My bet's on Paul Krugman, if we're guessing. However, there's an easy rebuttal: That's what a cooked election looks like, unlike ours. International observers both right (the Republican senator named in the WaPo editorial excerpt) and left (Ontario Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj) contend systematic fraud on the part of the government. Those are genuinely credible voices of complaint, unlike those of the fever-swamp of conspiracy theorists crawling out of the angry left to claim a Kerry victory on November 3. Destroying ballots on a national level, as Wrzensewskyj accused Ukranian officials of doing in an interview yesterday - that's what an authoritarian-trending-totalitarian regime does, unlike the Bush administration. The contrast should make perfectly clear just how free and fair American elections actually are, despite the more hyperbolic paranoiacs among us.


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