Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The vultures have a hunch; Not everyone invited will be coming back for lunch

Okay, I'm now officially bullish on Father of the Pride. Last night's episode seemed to fire on all cylinders, to a much greater extent than previous one; the blend of dom-com with utterly bizarre characterization works better than I'd thought. Or maybe the writers just needed half a season to get going, which is fine; the first season and a half of The Simpsons was pretty dreadful. A show has to survive long enough to get to that magical place, however, where the fans can argue about whether the middle years were better than recent episodes, before it can start making designs on that blessed position. It's sad but true that almost all genre animation - that not created specifically for a kid-targeted syndication market - never gets a second chance. The Critic, Mission Hill, Clone High, The Oblongs - all were fantastic to some degree, and all sadly now limited to their short initial runs. Primetime animation is a brutally competitive market. My only complaint was John DiMaggio's voice work as the belligerent gazelle; he was Bendering it up to an uncomfortable extent, which only reminded me how much I'd rather have Futurama than Father of the Pride. It's still a mediocre show in some respects, yes - but I would now at least prefer it was renewed. That's a point it didn't have before.


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