Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: You Are Wrong

Cheney's taken a bit of a detour on "What would you do to hunt down Osama Bin Laden," but he's done it well; encouraging democracy and toppling rogue regimes is the best way to prevent support of terror. ...Crikey. Edwards is repeating the "Outsourcing to Warlords" line. And explaining Kerry's "Global Test" concept in a way that explains nothing. Those lines must have tested awfully well in focus groups, because they sound like losers to me. Ooooh. Cheney is sticking the knife in - "Twenty years ago I was an election observer in El Salvador." The subtext, of course, being to Edwards: What were you doing for democracy twenty years ago, you little punk? I sometimes wonder, given how much Kerry, Edwards and the rest of the Democratic confabulation harp on how Saudi Arabia and Iran and North Korea were always much greater threats than Iraq, what they'd have done if the war had been in one of those places. I suspect, rather cynically, it would have been a disingenuous "Iraq was a greater threat!" Again Ifill has given Edwards a chance to explain the Global Test line in a way that doesn't sound ridiculous, and he still hasn't. The weight of international credibility means nothing to a paper tiger; ask the Ottomans or Tsarist Russia.


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