Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: Justify Yourself, Senator

Edwards is again obfuscating. Longer inspections? Inspections? Are we back to that UN-dominated bureaucrat-orgy now? He's also recycling the "Bush let Bin Laden go" talking point now. Okay, Senator, are we allowed to keep pointing out Clinton let him go first? I'm inclined, by all logic, to think he's dead by now, and thus a non-issue. Cheney is the adult, of course; flatly pointing out that neither he nor any other member of the administration has ever directly connected Iraq and Al-Qaeda won't convince hardcore Kerryites, but it's nice to hear anyway. He's also a fantastic debater, which makes last week's debacle seem all the more embarassing in retrospect. I suspect Cheney could verbally bitch-slap Kerry six ways to Sunday, if he chose to.


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