Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: Judge Not

Edwards is pulling another ad populem; his lack of experience will be vitified by the American people liking his character. Not good enough, Senator. All he's saying is that he can parrot Kerry's attack lines well, and that can't be heartening. In Edwards' world, good intentions make up for a complete lack of understanding or experience. He'd make a good VP of the Glee Club, sure, but that doesn't qualify him from being a heartbeat away from the Button. "I knew him before, I know him better now." So what's the true face of Edwards? What he was saying about Kerry during the primaries, before that, or after? Be careful about claiming a Lieutenant has the experience to be CIC. The wisdom and maturity, maybe. But not the experience. Kept from mentioning his running mate, Cheney comes across as a fascinating person in his own right. He doesn't talk about himself much, but he seems humble and experienced, especially compared to Edwards' flashier charisma. Hah. Edwards broke the rule; he couldn't stop himself from mentioning Kerry's name. Twice. What a maroon.


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