Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: The Centre Cannot Hold

I don't think there's any good way for whoever wins to reach out to the other side. There is going to be animosity no matter what - but to be fair, a lot of the blame (though by no means all) needs to go to the increasingly shrill Bush-bashers on the blue side. All Bush can do, as Cheney says, is to turn the other cheek as often as they can, and not descend to the attackers' level. "Have you ever seen America more divided?" And whose fault is that? And now Edwards is back to health care, on the question where he should be trying to convince liberal Republicans and independents Kerry won't ignore or spite them as president. That is just downright foolish. At least Bush has a track record, in this regard; everyone knows where they stand with and on him, no matter where that may be. Kerry needs those swing voters if he's to pull off a slim win here; to give up selling that for the sake of promoting buying prescription drugs from Canada - well, I think I need to revive my usual claim of Profoundly Unserious for the Democratic ticket.


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