Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: And Away We Go

Edwards' teeth are starting to bother me. Let's hope he shows some actual character beyond that, because I really want to like him. Moderator Gwen Ifill has just admitted that she can do nothing to stop or punish an infringement of the agreed rules. Fallout from Kerry's notecard shenanigans? First question: Was there a connection between Saddam and Al-Qaeda? Cheney is starting off magnificently here, setting out the broader war plan and why it doesn't matter if we don't have photos of Bin Laden and Saddam signing a formal treaty of cooperation. Bravo also for mentioning the old regime paying off - effectively subsidizing - Palestinian suicide bombers. Terrorism doesn't stop at association boundaries. Edwards has no substance here at all; FUD FUD FUD. He's still trying to spin the "Bush lied, people died" meme, and that's not encouraging. He's not addressing the central question: Was it necessary, useful and good? Instead, Edwards is mumbling about casualties and "credibility." Edwards, you fool. Take the blinders off. A direct connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda was never the issue. A connection to terrorism on every level always was.


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