Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Veep: All Your Followers are Blind

"A long resume does not equal good judgement." Says the man with the least experience of any major VP candidate ever? Jeebus. Yes, Cheney did cut a number of weapons systems as SecDef, you idiot. By then the Cold War was won. Kerry voted against funding them before the Berlin Wall fell. Timelines do matter, you know. Why is Edwards still on the weapons inspectors? His implication is that Iraq could never have been a threat, and the war wasn't worth it for any reason at all. Is this not a slap in the face to any Iraqi enjoying a fascism-free life today? Is this not willful blindness to the strategic advantage of having a stable democracy in the Middle East? Ditto his repetitive carping on internationalization. Explain what the French are going to do to help. If you can't, shut the hell up. The first Gulf War wasn't finished properly. That's why it's taking more money now.


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