Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Pardon me while I disappear

B-b-b-but I thought Bush Lied!, and Saddam's Iraq never had WMDs, the components thereof, or any other weapons they weren't supposed to have? Funny how the IAEA and UN are only concerned with the mysterious disappearance of nuclear precursor material when it's removed from any context of justifying the war, hmmm? I can't believe CBC can report this with a straight face, as it were: For the past year, the Iraqi Ministry of Trade has been shipping tonnes of scrap metal out of the country, including engines from banned missiles and other equipment that could be used to produce banned weapons. Until June 28, the ministry had been under direct control of the U.S. occupation authorities. It is now under control of the Iraqi interim government. Note the subtle implication - It's the US's fault. Iraq was banned from having these parts and raw materials in the first place, and that fact was a significant part of the casus belli? Who needs to mention that? This is one of those things that just happen, after all. It's a good thing we have Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA to alert us of such dangers several years late.


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