Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Now with a word they claim the power to deny me

Remember: In a democracy, everyone's opinions are valid. Except yours. Where to begin? I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of EU bureaucracy, but it seems this is a position nominally appointed by each country to the Justice Commission. But, as the article notes, this is the first time a nominee has ever been anything but rubber-stamped through by the Civil Liberties Committee. I'm not particularly socially conservative, and I do find Mr. Ruttiglione's views on women and homosexuality more than a bit distasteful. But they have no bearing whatsoever on his ability to represent his nation on this committee, and to blackball him for such opinions is disgraceful. This says, more or less explicitly, that only soft leftism, nanny-state socialism, or raving loonball communism are permissible political bents in the EU bureaucracy's positions of power; conservatives need not apply. Justice is justice. It's not "Women's Justice" or "Gay Justice," and especially not "Social Justice." If Ruttiglione is committed to enforcing an equal access to and application of criminal and civil justice for all citizens of the EU, then his personal political views aren't relevant. On the other hand, if he's actually inclined to, say, make beating one's wife punishable by a €10 fine, or something equally abhorrent, then he would be rightly kept off the Justice Commission. Yet if that was the case, I'm sure Deutsche Welle would mention it, rather than making vague allusions to his favouring "the traditional role of women in the household." Take a good long look, Canada - especially 'big-tent' centrist and conservative Liberals. This is where we're headed. There will come a day when your non-leftist views won't be tolerated in power, merely for belonging to the correct party and participating in the correct bureaucratic confabs. You too can be blackballed for failing to wholeheartedly embrace Progressiveness.


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