Friday, October 08, 2004

Now that you've stated the whole of your case

In what's increasingly become an exercise in self-flagellation, I'll be liveblogging tonight's debate, too. I'm hoping Bush, as he has before, can pull a sucker-punch of a sudden reversal and come out on top here - but I'm not optimistic. If, as some have noted, he can't even defend his record as cogently as his unpaid supporters, maybe the Republican Party deserves a painful drubbing. On a happier (hah) note, Enterprise is back tonight. Last season ended with that old chestnut, Alien Nazis, and not in an encouragingly competent-seeming manner. I'm semi-eager to see if the writers pull a deus ex machina by the end of tonight's episode and hit the reset button. The Star Trek writing staff seems to miss the ease and frequency with which they could do that during the Voyager era. This is a rant for another time, but I really miss DS9.


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