Sunday, October 03, 2004

Not a wholesome trottin' race, no

As I'd feared, the presidential race is now back to a tossup after Thursday's debates. I'll grant that there may be several good reasons that make Newsweek's poll inaccurate and non-representative, but that doesn't matter now; the Kerry-boosting media have their guy back to neutral. I haven't given up hope for Bush. I've realized it's going to be more of a nail-biter than I'd hoped, given his good September. But I think it's also probably a needed lesson for the increasing number of "Bush by 40 states" pundits: Don't get cocky. This is a nerve-wrackingly important election; save the triumphalism for if and when, not now. This is too important to screw up on style points, because style is what Kerry is good at. I hope the suspicions of Powerline et al are true, and that polls in the next few days will partially repudiate this one's results - but I'm not holding my breath. Try harder, Mr. Rove.


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