Monday, October 25, 2004

The modern game was born, with much success

Woo! The following just arrived in my inbox, from the Ottawa International Animation Festival mailing list - which I'm still on from volunteering: This year's festival was a huge success. We had over 1200 industry passholders, and 115 screenings and events. The inaugural Television Animation Conference completely sold-out. The Ottawa International Animation Festival is now an annual event with our next festival running from September 21 to 25, 2005. The popular Student version of the festival (SAFO) that usually runs in our off-year will now be incorporated into the main festival. The Television Animation Conference will be returning along with the picnic and all the other components of the OIAF. Spiffy. I can plan better to volunteer for/attend next year, and it'll even actually be the full industry festival rather than the student one. What I'd like to know: How'd the situation go from "after federal funding cuts, this may be the last one" to "full-scale festival/industry conference every year?" Perhaps the TAC was more profitable to run than it seemed from the actual number of attendees in that sold-out room...


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