Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Laughing singing, dancing grinning, morons (And while we're on the subject)

Ignorant tweens favour Kerry by a landslide: "Kids aren't dumb, they're just younger and shorter," [Ellerbee] said. "In fact, last election, a boy came up to me and said, 'We picked George Bush (news - web sites) to win, and he didn't really win. Al Gore (news - web sites) won the popular vote, so we were kinda wrong.' Quite an observation." So many Democrats, it seems, understand the Electoral College and its relation to the popular vote exactly as well as young children? That really reflects better on the children than the party wonks and professional corps of the outraged, y'know, if not by much. This entire exercise that Nickelodeon has gone through also seems more than a bit offensive. Kids, in this sort of poll, are the epitome of uninformed voters. Children aren't difficult to convince of anything. Not having siblings of my own, I had no younger brothers or sisters to be horrible to when younger, but I remember at one point a friend and I convinced his eight-year-old brother that the Prussian Army was coming, by submarine, to get him. One might notice this argument doesn't make a great deal of sense - but, then, it doesn't have to. It's just as easy to convince a child that the environment is good, mmmkay as it is to plant in his mind the idea that Otto von Bismarck wants to impale him upon a pickelhaube. Silly emotional rhetoric makes brainwashing children all too easy, and efforts to do so are widespread. Having been taught the generic ideals of be nice, make friends and talk about your feelings, I'm not surprised - to the extent that they understood his platform at all - that kids chose Kerry. It's probably pretty random a choice for them, at that. I recall, in 1992, rooting for Bill Clinton; not for any real reason, but just because he seemed like a new and interesting person for news to concern. The actual political awareness of a nine-year-old is only puddle-deep in any event. (Via Drudge.)


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