Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'll have nobody toy with my comfort and joy

Silly woman. Ontario used to ban Sunday shopping as well; like most regions, the old blue laws were still on the books for far too long. I'm glad that ban is gone for the exact opposite reason as she: I would rather have the opportunity to work on Sundays. During the week, I have classes. If I couldn't work Sunday, I'd either have an even busier schedule during the rest of the week, or live even closer to line of having to periodically mooch off my parents. Neither would be enjoyable. I can't imagine, as a full-time grocery store employee, she doesn't get one or two days off per week. No one would be forcing her to work Sunday without being scheduled to take another day off in exchange, I'm sure. Campaigning to continue denying others the opportunity to work (or, for that matter, shop) on Sundays simply for fear of being asked to work Sundays is so phenomenally, contemptuously selfish even I'm appalled - and I'm a pretty selfish person.


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