Wednesday, October 20, 2004

If you don't throw in your $1.05, who will?

Today I managed to get out to Wal-Mart in the south end between classes, and actually get those slippers I needed, among other things. While I was at South Keys, I figured it was probably a good time to take in Team America: World Police at the Cineplex Odeon there, being that I don't have another midterm until Monday morning. It was brilliant. I'm not sure if puppetry will ever again reach such an apogee. Minor thoughts I haven't seen others raise, yet:
  • I want that miniature set of Times Square. It's beautiful.
  • The brash glossing-over of scale issues between the puppets and real locations was a nice touch.
  • Ditto the reuse of the song "Montage" from South Park 6x02. It was too good to not give broader exposure, especially given the overarching satire of the action genre.
  • The opening number in Kim Jong-Il's musical tribute to himself at the peace conference sounds uncannily like "Dangerous Jade" from Evita.
I'm also increasingly intrigued by the Parker/Stone political codependency theory: The Left needs the Right to protect the country, and the Right needs the Left for moral justification. Both are essential for a strong foreign policy. We first saw this in the South Park episode "I'm a Little Bit Country;" it continues to be more clever and insightful than one might expect. It's a good thing we've got the libertarian clowns in the middle to skewer both sides. All in all, a film eminently worth $10.


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