Monday, October 04, 2004

For the finish isn't far off

Apparently Matt Groening wants to end The Simpsons in 2009. Fine; 20 seasons is probably sufficient. So how about Futurama getting another shot, then? With a decent timeslot this time, maybe? The article is also interesting for revealing that the producers think they've been too easy on George Bush, which is a fascinatingly bizarre statement given the episode "Bart-Mangled Banner." Unless this is actually true: "It's really difficult to be politically satirical and not just pick on easy targets. So we try to do it in a fairly subtle way. Sometimes, what The Simpsons does is take a point of view that is the opposite of what we believe, exaggerate it to the point of ridiculousness and hope people get it," [Groening] says. Okay, maybe I can buy that it was meant to be so outrageously stupid as to be a satire of the angry left. But if it was a joke, I don't think the target audience got it. (Via TV Tattle.)


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