Tuesday, October 19, 2004

England expects that every man will do his duty

Taking a break between frantically studying for midterms (18th-19th century Britain, tonight; Children's Lit and Early Modern Europe next week) I went out this morning to buy some slippers. Somehow neither of the nearby stores in my price range that I usually rely upon - Zellers or Big Bud's - had what I was looking for. Zellers had a small selection, true; but no matter how big of a SpongeBob fan I am, slippers from the kids' section just didn't seem large enough. Evidently I'm going to have to either make a mad dash out to one of the suburban Wal-Marts some time next week, or wait until The Bay and Sears receive the entirety of their cheap Christmas stock. I miss the Canadian Tire that used to be down the street; I know they'd have flimsy cotton slippers in for Christmas, if perhaps ones defaced with some team logo. Which is to say: I'm not dead. Just terribly, terribly busy, what with memorizing the accomplishments of Pitt the Younger and Earl Grey and such. Back eventually.


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