Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate #3: Pay As You Go

Wasn't the trend towards fiscal responsibility in Congress pushed after the Republican Revolution of 1994? Kerry is right to call Bush on irresponsible spending, but again he improbably associates himself with Republicans, just as in last week's bizarre endorsement of Reagan. Kerry seems to be floundering, and badly, here. He's been reduced to cobbling together random bits of sound bites as non-answers. Bush, surprisingly, is showing a lot of insight and creativity in his answers. (Or at least enough variation in talking points to simulate the appearance thereof.) Also remarkable is Bush's confident and upbeat demeanour here. He seems as coherent as with a canned speech, which is unusual for him. If this was a planned sucker-punch over the course of all three debates, wow, Karl Rove is a genius.


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