Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate #3: It's so difficult to concentrate

I considered skipping the liveblogging of Debate #3, mainly because I'm just exhausted; I've spent the last day and a half finishing a solid 14-page rough draft of a term paper on Leni Riefenstahl and Triumph of the Will that isn't actually due until two days after the election. (But I do, unfortunately, have at least one midterm or paper due each week between now and December, so it's not as if that kind of stress is going to end any time soon.) I can suck it up; I owe it to myself, if not my tiny handful of readers, to pay attention. This is, after all, important. One minor amusement I'll note is from today's Globe & Mail TV column, where a slightly breathless Andrew Ryan snarks it up (about two paragraphs after the subscriber-only cutoff, sadly) about tonight's debate being at the far more reasonable time of 7pm Eastern Time. Really, Mr. Ryan? That's interesting, considering the evidence to the contrary. Maybe he saw CNN's bumpers for "Special Debate Night Coverage, starting at 7!" and extrapolated a bit too much? It wouldn't be a first for the Globe.


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