Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate #3: Get It Done

Don't go comparing yourself to FDR, Senator. FDR's opponent in 1944 all but withdrew from the race, knowing that firm leadership in the war was more important than partisan politics. You're not FDR in this equation. You're Wendell Willkie. "To be safer forever?" Kerry is campaigning on the magic realism ticket now. He can promise to be safer forever in the same way that John Edwards can claim to heal the lame - improbably at best and absolutely goddamn insanely at worst. Bush's closing statement is similarly bland, right up until the end, when he gets to his liberty-on-the-march talking points. I think they're more upbeat than the alternative. Well. That was pretty good. Somewhat dull on the balance, as domestic debates usually are, but I think the spin is going to be that it was a tie - which means Bush won. He came across as mostly passionate, humble and self-effacing, if more wonkishly quoting numbers than he's usually good at.


Blogger mike said...

Just got done watching the debate as i was browsing blogs and came across yours. Wow, are you the only conservative in Canada? Anyway I liked all your comments, even better than what they're saying on foxnews right now.

Good to hear that everyone all of Canada is not flamming socialist liberals... keep it up!

10/13/2004 10:40:00 PM  

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