Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate #2: Wishy-Washy

"Senator, are you wishy-washy?" Good Lord. Moreover, I don't hear actual justification of why he isn't. He started off with a short script of talking points. Someone doesn't understand the format very well. Bush, on the other hand, has this part of his stump speech down pat - for, against, for, against, and so on. This may be one of those occasions where clarity trumps nuance, and rightly so. Bush is also startlingly clearer and more coherent tonight than the first debate. Second question: Was the possibility of Iraqi WMDs sufficient justification? Sweet. Bush is on tonight, and pushing hard and convincingly on the doctrine of preemptive action. Plus, he's making the perfect connection to the Oil-for-Food scandal, which is utterly perfect. Kerry, again, fails to understand the format. This question was about justification for the war. He manages to bring up No Child Left Behind, in connection; the hell? Sweet Guinea Pig of Winnipeg, Bush is on fire tonight. Kerry is coming off as whiny and bitchy. Excellent.


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