Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate #2: Tell Me More

On what kind of judge Bush might appoint to SCOTUS: "I'm not tellin'!" Heh. That's the second time Bush has drawn a laugh from the mostly-taciturn crowd tonight, and I think it's telling. Strict constructionism is probably a winner for him, here, despite making a probably-too-remote-for-the-general-public connection to the Dred Scott decision. Kerry is weak; all he can claim is that he wants judges that won't seem partisan in their opinions. That's not good enough. "How can you relate to pro-life voters, being strongly pro-choice?" Again, Kerry is very reasonable here. Individual conscience is key. Bush seems, for the first time tonight, a bit flustered; he's going through specific items his support for reducing abortions. Kerry's counter-response is more of an attack than it needed to be; it seems whiny.


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