Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate #2: Spendy Spendy

Hah. "Explain how John Edwards' presence on your ticket jibes with reducing the cost of health care." Kerry is pretty good on this, actually. He sounds reasonable on why his choice of the caring and nice Edwards excuses anything negative that may have occurred to health care. Bush just said "Kennedy" when he meant Kerry. Now that's Freudian. Somewhere, JFK and Bobby are giggling uncontrollably. MEGO, as ever, on the nitty-gritty of domestic policy. "You haven't vetoed anything yet. Explain your spending policies?" Hmm. That's fair criticism. Deficit spending in a long-term war isn't as irresponsible as it would be otherwise, but it's still a very valid point of contention. I think Kerry's overplaying the Everything Is Bush's Fault card. Even he can't pull it off all the time, and it seems like each successive use brings diminishing returns. Ooooh. Surprising backbone from the moderator, demanding to know how both actually plan to deal with the deficit. Neither, unsurprisingly, has much of an explanation.


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