Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate #2: Rotation

"How can Team America: World Police keep doing our job without restarting the draft?" Spectacular. Bush easily shoots down the notion of a draft with cold, hard logic: a professional corps is a more effective one. (As if that should have to be explained!) Making the connection to shuffling troops from Cold War positions is also a winner, and a reminder that there are other reasons Europe tends to whine a lot. "We're not going to have a draft, so long as I'm the president!" Sweet. Kerry just repeats his endorsements from prominent generals, and his talking point about the "back-door draft." Um, excuse me, Mr. Senator? If we're not going to go this alone, why do we need 40,000 more active duty troops? Kerry also seems to be disingenously ignoring the fact that, yeah, the majority of potential military force available to the allied world is already in American hands. The numbers of participants aren't suprising. "How do you explain we haven't been attacked again since 9/11?" Kerry actually makes some good points about inspecting cargo containers et al, but again ignores the cost of what he's demanding: a centrally-planned state with an utterly immobile economy. In response, Bush goes proactive, again, which is just deadly for Kerry. Cargo inspection isn't going to help when you have a small, petty, compartmentalized view of the longer-term WoT. Bush comes off as thoughtful and genuinely concerned. Wow, he's kicking ass.


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