Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate #2: I knew Marty McFly, and you, sir, are no Marty McFly

"Need some wood?" Crikey, that was great. He's got a great sense of humour. Bush is justifying the Patriot Act in simple terms for the "Ashcroft is oppressing us!" crowd. This is a needed explanation, sadly, but that it was needed only makes it more welcome. Kerry, on the other hand, is using endorsements and vague scare stories. I think it's telling that Kerry keeps relying on endorsements. He's mentioned Nancy Reagan, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve in the past sentence - an 80s pop culture trifecta if ever there was one - and the fact that he has only makes him seem weaker. Tell us about your position on stem-cell research without telling us how you're friends with Christopher Reeve, maybe? I don't believe in limiting stem-cell research at all. (I don't believe in limiting much scientific research at all, for that matter; bring on the cloning, I say.) But I can respect Bush's position here, because it's an informed and ethically considered one.


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