Friday, October 22, 2004

The cries in the dark that nobody hears

Here's something to induce a spit-take on picking the newspaper off the stoop: Martin planned to scrap Health Act, join Iraq war Copps: - Alleges Liberal leadership won through 'widespread organized fraud' - Says ex-finance minister wanted CBC privatized; end to old age pensions - Prime Minister's Office dismisses former MP's 'incorrect recollections' If any of this was true - and he'd managed to pull it off - it would make Paul Martin a hero, in my mind. If he abandoned radical reform of a seriously ill political culture for reasons of personal expediency in his rise within the Liberal Party, well, it's all the more insulting to be informed of this by Sheila frigging Copps. If I hadn't already mostly given up on Canada, this would be an incredibly depressing line of speculation; as things currently stand, how can anyone expect any different?


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