Sunday, October 17, 2004

But, Mr. Adams

This ABC piece on campaigning in swing states seems mostly fluff, but one line caught my eye: Introducing Kerry in Xenia, Ohio, laid-off worker Mike Adams pulled his empty pockets out of his jeans and angrily challenged assertions that Bush's tax cuts have benefited the middle class. "I'd like him to tell me where that money is now," Adams said. According to Google's phonebook search, there's no Mike Adams (nor Michael Adams or first-initial-only M. Adams) in Xenia, OH proper. There are, however, two hits for Mike Adams within twenty miles of Xenia. One's a party clown. The other is a contractor. Another local Mike Adams seems to be chair of Wright State University's Board of Trustees. Now, I'm not a professional reporter, and it's certainly possible and even likely that the Mike Adams quoted is none of these men, and came from far enough away to make searching by proximity to Xenia fruitless. But if he didn't: which of the Adamses can claim to have been laid off by fault of George Bush, pray tell?


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