Thursday, October 07, 2004

Any means you'd care to employ

To Michael Moore: Because you think something is funny does not make it any less illegal. Tubby Riefenstahl seems quite pleased with himself since Republicans have demanded he be charged for illegally offering bribes of underwear and ramen noodles to vote. The law is in place for a reason - to ensure that no one is induced to vote via bribery. Bribery, by definition, requires offering something of value; that the value of boxer shorts may be $5 doesn't make them any less of a bribe. Nor does it speak well of the slackers Moore praises that their pledge to vote must not only be purchased, but can be purchased so cheaply. Is this the kind of democracy he wants? Is this the kind of democracy any of us want? Setting a precedent for allowable behaviour in this context, let alone a disgustingly low one, is dangerous. If nothing else, considering what "everyone knows" about Republicans on the left (stolen elections, HALLIBURTON!!!, yadda yadda yadda), Moore and his cohorts should be worried that the right could buy more votes than they. George Soros and Teresa Heinz-Kerry may be rich, but if the hypothetical push ever came to shove, I'm sure the GOP could be more than capable of generating more election-swinging funds than Democrats. (Not that they would, Republican candidates and their supporters not being so reduced to hatred-filled desperation.) Never try pulling any dirty trick your opponents couldn't do better, if they were so inclined.


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