Tuesday, September 14, 2004

You never want to argue with a chorus line

Because I've got nothing better to talk about at the moment, the most recent entry in a recurring series: Tonight's episode of Father of the Pride entertained me substantially more than last week's. It seems now to be settling into a comfortable standard sitcom mode, with randomly bizarre non sequiturs actually accompanied by genuine humour. The plot was utterly pedestrian and telegraphed miles ahead - parents find drugs in teen's room, freak out, punish teen, later accidentally take the selfsame drugs, embarass teen, everyone learns a Very Special Lesson - but I have to admit I was giggling at the elaborately written faux-street slang involved in the trafficking and use of catnip. (Or, in common parlance, just plain "nip.") One caveat, however, is the show's portrayal of catnip as a cipher for marijuana. My position on drug policy is very hard-line, and I dislike po-mo ironic Reefer Madness treatment of the subject; I think it's irresponsible to encourage use by normalization of the notion and ridicule of critics thereof. But that's a minor complaint, and certainly reading a bit too much into deliberate edginess. Especially when the crisis' denouement reveals the true niphead to be Dirty Old Grandpa. Also, the geeklions. The geeklion chorus amused me heartily. The Sigfried and Roy plotline this episode was completely unrelated, and saw them making an utterly incomprehensible field trip to a local 7-11 to buy Big Gulps. I'd say the overt in-show product placement is unpleasantly grasping, but next week's episode features Donkey of Shrek fame making a guest appearance, which promises to be either even worse - or, alternately (but much less likely), brilliant. So I'm back to a solid enh, overall. It could be better, but it could also be much worse, too.


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