Thursday, September 02, 2004

You have no idea the sudden strength you feel within you, the steel and sinew

Pataki is warm and conciliatory, reminding all of how much their support and aid was appreciated after 9/11 - right up until his New Yorkishness shows through: New Yorkers spat in the eye of terrorism. Heh. And in so many words to Kerry: Yeah, I'm bringing it on, bucko. I was surprised that Pataki actually let attacking the Clinton administration on terror stay implied; that was nicely subtle. "In the hands of a monster, a boxcutter is a weapon of mass destruction." Spiffy. It's not about the particular weapons stocks, not about the anthrax or enriched uranium; it's about how batshit loonball crazy the enemy is, and what he's willing to do. 'Choosing to win' is a strong, strong theme, and one that Kerry really has no defence against. He's bet too much on 'nuance.' This is probably the right tone to take; it's a nice soft buildup to Bush. 9:56 seems a bit early to end it, though. The network coverage will start right at 10, and it would be more dramatic to go into a direct segue.


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