Saturday, September 11, 2004

Yes, life's pretty cheap to that type

I'm disappointed but not particularly surprised that CBS has chosen to dig in their heels at the preponderance of evidence (heh) against their documents, but their tone is something else altogether: We find your lack of faith disturbing. How dare you question Ra-Ther, God of Journalism! But that's fine, I suppose. The other networks can scramble to pile on CBS for the double bonus of higher ratings and increased credibility by comparison; plus, the eventual meltdown will be all the more messy and embarassing. The damage has been done, and no amount of spin about the possibility of existence of superscript type-balls in 1971 for a particularly rare and expensive model of cold-type-setting machine will make this story go away. More reprehensible by far in the grander scheme of things, however, is putting words in the mouth of a dead man; he can't defend himself, and his family's disavowal of the memos was ignored completely by the Lord of the Spin. That's just low. How many reputations and lives will the anti-Bush media ruin in their mad quest to take down a president?


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